Love Your Man-Babies

People in this world are crazy.  Do not follow their lead.  Do what makes you happy.  If you follow others, you won’t be happy.  You’ll just be thinking, “why am I being crazy?”

Guys: When you are mad, do not go for the kill.  Stop being a butthole and saying the most hurtful thing you can think of.   It hurts.  And when you do make up with your girl, she will never forget what you said.  This is not your enemy you’re fighting with, this is the person you love and care about.  Don’t be vicious.  Be honest, but civil.   And put the bat down.

Ladies: Men are like babies.  They will whine and complain all day long, but in the end, they don’t want you to leave them.  Don’t take their whining too much to heart, unless it becomes maliciously hurtful.  Otherwise, just know that they love you and are only being babies.  Men take twice as long to grow up.

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