Gossip and XBOX – Find a Happy Medium

Guys: Stop ignoring. This is the most infuriating thing you can do. Do your thing, but ACKNOWLEDGE your girl is there. Compromise.  You want to watch this football game?  Cool.  But what will we do when it’s done?  Boyfriend: “Hey babe.  When this game is over, you want to go see a movie?”  Ta-da! You let her know that you want to watch the game now, but you acknowledged she is alive, and in the room, and that you will spend time with her today.  It’s not that we hate the XBOX, we just hate that it makes us invisible to you.   Boyfriend: “When I finish this level, lets go grab lunch, just me and you.”  And now she feels special.  Magical!  You’re welcome.

Or go a step futher – tell her to come watch the game with you.  You can teach her the rules (if she doesn’t already know) and she will most likely root for whoever you are rooting for.  And munch on the Flaming Hot Cheetos with you.  If she doesn’t want to, then just let her know you want to spend time with her later.  Girls like to know that you remember they exist.  It’s that simple.

Ladies: Stop blabbing.  Ask about HIS interests, even if you don’t care or know much about it.  It’s nice to see him talk about something he’s passionate about.

Check yourself.   Don’t blab too much about yourself and your friends, unless he asks.  ESPECIALLY gossip. “Kiki and Gigi are fighting. She said this, and Kiki said that…blah blah blah.”  Keep it down to “there’s drama between the girls.”  And if he asks, then elaborate.  He probably won’t.

Ask about his day, and if he doesn’t say much, that’s okay.  Keep the chatter for your girlfriends.  They can tolerate it better, and they are blabber-mouths themselves.  Besides, it’s more fun to gossip with people who care – you see their eyes light up, and they lean in for more!


It’s like Ursula said:

The men up there don’t like a lot of blabber.

They think a girl who gossips is a bore.

Yes on land it’s much prefered for ladies not to say a word,

And after all dear, what is idle babble for?

Come on, they’re not all that impressed with conversation.

True gentlemen avoid it when they can.

….It’s she who holds her tongue who gets a man….Poor unfortunate souls!

Okay, not to that extent, but you get the point. Having a good conversation with your man is one thing, but blabbing on and on about stuff he doesn’t care about will make him choose the XBOX over you.  Every time.

Both: FIND A HAPPY MEDIUM.  Don’t ignore/exclude your significant other but don’t drive him/her crazy either!  Keep your hobbies, but either include each other or compromise and find time for your boo.

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  1. Jacky Moon says:

    I agree some girls do talk a lot! I’m a victim myself.
    Guys do need their space when it comes down to any activity.
    I like to play sports & watch, but it doesn’t increase my chances on getting guys. Some guys don’t even like watching nor playing sports. & that’s a turn off for me!

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