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Gossip and XBOX – Find a Happy Medium

Guys: Stop ignoring. This is the most infuriating thing you can do. Do your thing, but ACKNOWLEDGE your girl is there. Continue Reading →

Don’t Be a Creeper and Don’t Overthink

Guys: Gentleman, (and I use that term lightly), be respectful.  It makes us want to HAVE YOUR BABIES!  We need Continue Reading →

Compliments and Confidence – Eat More Ice Cream!

Guys: Little compliments go a LONG way. You have NO idea!  Even a simple “Thank you” will erase all frustration Continue Reading →

Say NO to Man-Chocolate!

Guys: Stop thinking of only yourself.  Try to put yourself in the gal’s shoes.  Would you want to be treated the way she’s treated? Continue Reading →

Ladies Lie for Protection

Guys: Women want relationships.  Those who don’t, are lying.  If they are okay with just booty calls, they are pretending Continue Reading →