Compliments and Confidence – Eat More Ice Cream!

Guys: Little compliments go a LONG way. You have NO idea!  Even a simple “Thank you” will erase all frustration a woman feels for being unappreciated.  An occasional “you look nice” or “I like that dress” makes a woman feel ten times more confident.  Women (and people in general) need to feel wanted and loved.  You don’t have to praise her by any means, but a compliment here and there will make a HUGE difference in her self esteem, and in turn her comfort level both  in the relationship and, yes, in the bedroom.  If a woman feels good about herself and wanted by her man, she will be SO much happier over all, and therefore be more pleasant and fun to be with.  Don’t over do it with cheesy lines and poems.  Just a simple positive comment once in a while will strengthen the relationship. So buck up and learn to share your feelings, guys!  Only a little.  No saps, please.  Just be nice.

Ladies: As author Erma Bombeck says, “Eat less cottage cheese and more ice cream.”  Life is too short to waste it and not enjoy the little things!  Don’t eat a whole bucket, but occassionally enjoy the little things in life.  Plus, you lose weight more easily when you are happy and relaxed. A great motto is “everything is moderation.”

We all want to be skinny and beautiful, but remember that models and actresses are PAID to be that skinny.  It’s their job.  It’s what they do all day. Whereas those of us with regular day jobs have try to balance a long day of work AND an exercise routine.  It’s much harder, and you need to stop beating yourself up for not being a twig.  It’s not healthy anyway.  Plus, no matter how thin and beautiful you are, there will always be someone else even skinnier and prettier than you.  So LET IT GO and learn to love yourself the way you are.  Try to stay in shape, and be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be, but indulge in the little things before life passes you by.  So put that fruit cup down, and have some cake!

You don’t have to be gorgeous to get a great guy. You just have to be CONFIDENT.  Confidence is sexier than anything.  Sexier than big boobs, button-noses, and tight butts.  You know how sometimes you see super HOT guys with BUTT-UGLY girls?  And you think, how the HELL?

It’s because those ugly girls have CONFIDENCE, so they are comfortable being themselves, which is a fun and happy girl.  Guys love girls who laugh a lot and are happy.  They don’t want to deal with drama.

And PLEASE stop worrying about what you look like in the bedroom.  Most guys are happy to even be touching a girl, so they won’t notice your cellulite or chubby thighs.  You notice your flaws more than they do!  They are more focused on doing a good job than trying to find your imperfections.  Again, they are excited to even have gotten this far.  Improvisation teaches actors to COMMIT to their role/action/line, and everyone will believe it no matter how ridiculous it is.  The same applies with relationships and confidence.  If you believe it, he will believe it.  Stop worrying about the details, and just enjoy the moment!  And enjoy life!

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  1. Joshua Glawson says:

    You, my friend, are cute, smart, and funny! Thank you for posting this.

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