Don’t Be a Creeper and Don’t Overthink

Guys: Gentleman, (and I use that term lightly), be respectful.  It makes us want to HAVE YOUR BABIES!  We need to feel safe, respected, and valued.  If you treat us like a lady, then we’ll want to be your lady.


In other words, DON’T BE A CREEPER.  The way you conduct yourself makes a huge difference.

Wanna dance?  Sure.  But dance, don’t grope.  Wanna talk?  Sure. Then have a normal human conversation, not a cheesy-line contest.  Talk like you’re talking to a new friend. Wanna hang out? Sure, make it something normal and like you’re just hanging out with a friend.  The more comfortable the girl is, the more likely she is to want to see you again.

It’s okay to compliment once or twice, but don’t over-compliment the girl, because that makes her feel uncomfortable.  It sounds crazy, but you can’t make her feel like you are trying to pick her up.  When it’s too obvious, you are coming on too strong.  Now she feels pressured before she even knows if she likes you, and she will more likely say no because she feels uncomfortable.

Just be cool, and have casual conversation.  Be a gentleman.  That doesn’t mean shy or timid, or overly polite (please don’t).  You can be loud and confident, and still be a gentleman.  The more personality you have, the better.  But the more safe and respected a lady feels, the more likely she is to give you a chance.

Just don’t be gross.  Talk like a normal person.  And don’t crowd her.

Did you NOT see how fast Belle turned when the Beast started acting like a gentleman?  It WORKS.


Ladies: Stop overanalyzing everything!  You will drive yourself CRAAAZY and oftentimes jump to incorrect conclusions.   If you’re not sure about something, just WAIT.   Be patient and wait to see what happens/how things go, or just straight out ask your guy what he meant/feels or what happened.  If you had an encounter with a new guy, do not overthink it.  Because I promise you, he’s NOT.

If you said something awkward or embarrassing, he’s probably forgotten about it already.   If you had a small argument with your man, and you’re still mad about it, he’s probably forgotten about it already.  If you guys had a great conversation or good time on a date, he’s probably forgotten about it already.

Guys tend to move on faster.   Not because it’s not important to them or didn’t mean anything for them – they just don’t dwell on it as long as women do.  Life goes on, so should you.

So by the time you think you’ve figured out what happened or what he’s thinking, he probably has moved on.   Things aren’t as big of a deal as we think it is.  If you’re thinking, “what did he mean by that text?”  Probably exactly what it is says.



Seriously, stop thinking about it so much.  Keep busy, and wait it out until your next encounter.  Overanalyzing just complicates things, and you end up looking like a psycho.

It’s good in sitcoms because we can laugh at it, but you won’t be laughing in real life!

Plus, he probably WAS just tired.

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