Euphemisms Are Essential

Guys: Women like to be treated like ladies.  Even the sluts.  They like to pretend they’re ladies, and/or be treated like one.  Therefore, euphemisms are essential. Saying things that are too straightforward/dirty may come off perverted, or make her feel trashy.

Even if the girl knows she is a just a piece of ass, and is okay with it, don’t talk to her like she is.  Women are more likely to be okay with hook ups if they don’t feel bad about it.  Treat her and talk to her with respect.

Example: Usher’s euphemistic song, “I wanna make love in this club.”  Seems like a romantic love song, when in fact, he is just saying, “I want to f*** you right now. I don’t care if we’re in public and it’s inappropriate.”  But to the typical lady, it sounds sweet, and like Usher is in love. (HA!)  Thank you Mr. Euphemism.

Ladies: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. (No matter how HOT he is!)  It will only work temporarily.  You will quickly get EXHAUSTED, and seeing the guy becomes more of a chore than a fun date, because you have to put on a performance.   Be with someone who laughs at your flaws, not with someone who makes you feel inferior for having them.   (Abs can’t love you).

Hanging out should be easy, and comfortable. Plus, when you try to be another type of girl, something always goes awkwardly wrong. Seriously. Don’t do it.

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