High Rollers and Accidental Flirts

Guys: I know you don’t want to, but you HAVE to pay for dinner/drinks.  At least on the first date. Its a major turn-on, and a turn-off if you don’t.  Not a deal breaker per se (depending on the girl), but it scores major points.

I promise you it’s not a gold digger issue – you don’t need to buy the girl everything.  There is just something about a man who has his shit together that is very hot.  To know that you are not that much of a deadbeat that you can’t even afford to buy us one drink, or one entree, is a huge plus.

It’s not that women want to be taken care of necessarily, it’s that we want to know that you CAN.  Girls like to be protected.  Even if we pretend we dont need or want it.  We just want to know that you CAN.  It’s sexy.

THAT’S why we like rich men.

Down the line, you can split things if need be, but on the first date you must pay the bill if you want to impress her.  Even if she offers.  She is either testing you, or she feels bad to cost you money.  But just suck it up, and pretend that you can afford it.  At least once.  Otherwise, don’t bother asking girls out, especially to somewhere fancy, and then make them pay.

Do you realize how expensive makeup and cute outfits are? Hair products and nails? Not to mention the time it takes to make it all look good?  And you can’t even buy us one drink?  Be a man.

Ladies: Stop being too nice.  Guys (who you’re not interested in) think you’re flirting. They are not super friendly to girls unless they like them.  Not like girls, who are friendly to EVERYONE.  Guys are more direct.  They don’t care to have close female friends.  If they do, they like you.

Even if they have a girlfriend – if they are that close of friends with you, they are holding on to you for the future.  Just in case the other one doesn’t work out.  Being acquaintances is one thing, but being close friends means someone likes the other.  Meeting to discuss work or a project is fine, but otherwise there is no need to meet alone.  Because then it goes into the awkward “kind of a date” territory.

If a guy is being extra nice, chatting with you often, offering you help with things – basically being there for you – he probably likes you.  And you have to ask yourself: “Am I accidentally flirting?”  A.k.a., “am I being too nice?”

Even smiling too much can be considered flirting.  Seriously.

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