Ladies Lie for Protection

Guys: Women want relationships.  Those who don’t, are lying.  If they are okay with just booty calls, they are pretending they don’t care – to you and to themselves.  It is a rare case when a woman who is hooking up with a man, gets asked into a relationship, and truly does not want it.  Even if they deny the title, most women like having a man who actually cares about them.

Some women just get used to it, so they may not be hurt by it because they are numb to it.  They wear a mask and shield to protect themselves.  The armor is there, but can be knocked down the minute they feel like they are more than just a piece of ass to you.  Caring is a powerful weapon.  It can move a woman to bring her guard down.  But if you do this, you better be prepared to continue caring, and protect her yourself.

(Not to say that all men want no strings attached, but MANY of them do)

Ladies: Stop trying to play the “friendship” card.  If you really like him, you won’t care if it might ruin the friendship.  If you’re worried about that, it means you’re actually worried about whether you really like him or not.  When you have to think about it, it’s usually a NO.  Don’t waste your (and his) time.  He will NOT “grow” on you.

When you DO like someone, DO NOT lie and say you’re okay with just friends, and then become friends with benefits.  You are worth more than that. You deserve better, and you can find better. I promise.  There are plenty of men in the world.  Someone else will come along later who you will like just as much.  Find someone who likes YOU, not your cooch.

Plus, when you tell him to f*** off, and you leave, that’s when he comes back.  Unfortunately, that’s just the way it works.  Human nature – you want what you can’t have.  When you finally have it, it’s not that exciting anymore.

Stop thinking he will come around.  You will not “grow” on him.

2 Responses to “Ladies Lie for Protection”

  1. naela says:

    Hey Girl, this is a great site. Great Job

  2. hiuehades says:

    Thankyou. You will not believe the number of men who swear up and down to me that they know PLENTY of girls who dont want a boyfriend and that in fact it is usually the girl who doesnt want the relationship. its such bullshit and it hurts us as a whole when women lie to men and to themselves like that

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