More Grooming, Less Acting – Hanging Out Leads to Hanky Panky

Guys: Groom yourself before you forget yourself!  You can still be a manly man if you groom.  You don’t need to get manis/pedis, but for gods-sake, shower, shave, and style your hair! Wear something that somewhat matches, and that doesn’t look like you’re swimming in it.  Little things go a long way.

Put in a little effort to get a lot of reward.  It doesn’t take much to look well put-together.  A collared s  hirt, a little gel in your hair, and clothes that fit! (You don’t have to have a six-pack and guns to wear your proper size).  The ladies will no longer look at you like you’re a creeper, who might possibly rape them.  Seriously…at least comb your hair.

Also, for all you gorillas: tweeze your eyebrows, shape your beard, and just clean yourself up!  You don’t have to be a girl to get a girl (some of us ladies love the facial hair), but don’t be a complete caveman.  That trend died thousands of years ago….for a reason!

Ladies: Stop acting like nothing’s wrong.  It won’t help.  It won’t help you get over it, and it won’t help fix the relationship, because you’re ignoring the original problem that got in the way the first time.

Be civil, but don’t be friends.  No need to hate an ex, but don’t try to be friends.  It will pro-long the breakup.  Hanging out leads to hanky panky, which in turn will lead to cycles of getting back together and breaking up 800 more times.

If you end it, END IT.  And be his civil acquaintance.

It’s easier said than done, but just keep in mind: nothing has changed, and it will NOT be different this time.  Make the mistake once (max twice), learn from it, then WALK AWAY.  For your own sanity!

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