Nice and Thick Headed

Guys: Just because a girl is nice to you, it does NOT mean she likes you. Women are more polite than men by nature. Saying hi and chatting with you every so often does not equal wanting to have your babies.

What kind of things do? Texting you a lot (especially if she’s sending winky faces), excessive flirting, making effort to hang out, inviting you to things, going out of her way to talk to you or hang out with you, teasing you.

Girls are generally nice, but if a certain girl is going out of her way for you and making time for you, she likes you. Otherwise, don’t assume a smile means she wants to make love in the club.

Ladies: Learn to say NO! Or even ignore. It’s better to be blunt than give the wrong impression. Better to reject him straight out than make him feel like a fool first, and reject him after.

Guys do not get hints! You have to spell it out for them. If you say “okay” with hesitation, he thinks that means “HELL YEAH!” If you are quietly annoyed, he thinks you’re tired. If you are tired, he thinks you’re mad at him. If you are eye gesturing toward the other room, he thinks you’re twitching.

“Hey, come here. I wanna show you some pictures.” ::wide eyes:: He thinks you really want to show him pictures. Guys don’t get it! Tell them straight out what you want, feel, don’t feel, etc.

You: “I can’t do this anymore” Him: “So….we’ll hang out next week then?”


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