Now Talk it Out

“West side talk it out, East side talk it out, North side talk it out, South side talk it out.  Now talk it out, now talk it out, now talk it out…”

Guys: Pay a little more attention.  If your girl is acting different, there is definitely a reason.  If you are acting different, she will notice and ask you, so be ready to talk it out.  Stop avoiding the issue, and just get it out asap.  Otherwise, the tension will build, and you might blow up over something small.

Ladies: Guys are oblivious.  Stop hinting at things, and just tell him.  Don’t hint that you’re angry or hurt, because he won’t notice, and that will infuriate you even more.  Tell him how you feel.  Tell him what’s bothering you. Talk it out, because guys need you to spell it out.

Talking is like vegetables:  you might not like it, but it’s really good for you.  To never have it is to be unhealthy.  DO IT!

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