Say NO to Man-Chocolate!

Guys: Stop thinking of only yourself.  Try to put yourself in the gal’s shoes.  Would you want to be treated the way she’s treated? Would you want to go through all the trouble she’s going through for you?  Be a little considerate, and always put yourself in her shoes.

Women don’t TRY to be nags. It usually happens when we feel neglected or unappreciated.  It’s not that we want you to check in all the time, it’s just that we don’t like being forgotten.  You don’t have to spend every second with your gal, but at least choose her some of the time.  Have a good balance of friends and gal time.  And by gal time, I don’t mean sexytime, I mean quality hangout time. We like to have fun too!  We don’t like being the last kid picked for dodgeball, EVERY time.

Don’t turn your girl into that last resort friend you call when EVERYONE else is busy and when  you have NOTHING else to do.  Make time.  Be friends.  If you find you don’t care to hang out  with her, then maybe you should reassess the relationship, and end it now instead of stringing  her along.

Ladies: Many of us end up liking guys who are NO GOOD for us.  Whether it’s from physical attraction, opposite attraction, bad-boy attraction, or just the ease of staying with them – these are the unhealthy relationships that we need to avoid or get out of.

No-good men are like a disease clinging to your body that you have to fight off.  You have to do what’s best for you and your health, even if you don’t feel like doing it.  In this case, your emotional health is at stake, which in turn affects your physical health.  Meaning, this is a BIG deal, so take precaution! And if you’re currently in an unhealthy relationship, get out!  NOW.

It may be hard – they may be very hunky, rich, funny, etc.  Have some will-power!  Sometimes what you WANT is NOT what you NEED.

*Like a child who wants chocolate.  Yeah, it tastes good, but it’s bad for you, and will make you FAT and UNHAPPY! Say NO to man-chocolate!

*Like a dog who wants Cheetos.  One or two won’t hurt, but too many will give him diarrhea.  Don’t let yourself get man-diarrhea!  Stop after one – especially after two.   Control yourself!  Or you will only hurt yourself in the long run.

2 Responses to “Say NO to Man-Chocolate!”

  1. Hriyer says:

    Man-chocolate?!?! Jungle fever.

    I hate you. Now I want Cheetos. Yummy, cheesy, crunchalicious woman-cheetos.

  2. Allyna Bella says:

    “Man-diarrhea”!!!!! hahahahahaha

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