Not Too Metro, Not Too Mommy

Back from blogger hiatus!  Love is in the air!  It’s just being choked by smog.  That’s why it’s difficult to find it in L.A.

Guys: Don’t be too metro.  Take care of yourself.  Cleanliness is great!  But girls still want a MAN.  Not a prissy boy who grooms more than we do.  Or cries more.  Masculinity = HOT.

Ladies: Stop being a nit-picky girly girl.  He’s your man, not your child.  Stop trying to raise him.  Don’t wipe his face, style his hair, pick his clothes.  Let him make his own choices and groom himself.  Don’t like the way he does it?  Tough.  Deal with it, or find someone new.

Be with someone you like.  Not someone you want to like.

Also, don’t give up your voice and try to make someone fall in love with you in 3 days.  It probably won’t work.

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